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A holistic approach to counseling and healing. 

From the Owner

My Philosophy

Thank you for visiting my website and exploring my services! I believe achieving and maintaining mental health involves finding balance in our lives. My purpose as a therapist is to assist you in recognizing the areas of your life in need of healing and to help you restore a sense of well-being. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am trained to see you within the context of everything that makes you, You. I utilize multiple evidence-based theoretical frameworks and coping strategies to help you understand why you're struggling and to find solutions that will alleviate your discomfort. My intention as a practitioner is that you will leave counseling feeling a renewed sense of self and a greater understanding of what your needs are as a person and how to best fulfill them. My hope is that the information and strength you gain through therapy will translate into higher functioning in your everyday life.


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Carol McLaughlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing individual, group, family and couples counseling to clients in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area. For more information and to schedule an appointment please click on the links above.